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About Me


My name is Ellie and I`m 28 years old from Bulgaria. I`m passionate proffesional kitesurfer who manage my own Kitesurfing School in Gokceada Island , Turkey and travel to the most famous #kitesurfing spots in the world ( Zanzibar,Cape Town,Mozambique,Namibia,Brazil,Venezuela,Martinique,Antigua&Barbuda,St Vincenc and the Grenadines,Dominican Republic,Cuba,Guadeloupe,Turkey,Greece etc. ) and enjoyed every single minutie surrounded by SSS ( salt , Sun and lot of sand ). 

I started kiting and travelling from 2015 and till then I`ve been to more than 20 countries and got sponsored by many brands. From November 2019 I`m International Team Rider for 



I travel the world creating content that inspires wanderlust and encourages people to chase the wind and their dreams. Behind the photos, behind the Instagram is a story that is real. I started out from nothing, I fought through uncertainty and stayed true to my dream to follow the sea. 

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