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My Top 9 Places for Kitesurfing

ASK 50 PEOPLE to list the world’s best kiteboarding spots and you’ll hear 50 different views. But one thing is certain: Nothing beats the pure feeling of harnessing the power of the wind to ride. For those who have caught the bug, kiteboarding becomes an obsession inspiring travel to far-flung reaches of the globe.

Check out this gallery featuring 9 of the world’s top kiteboarding destinations. Use this guide to choose a spot—then talk to locals for intel on epic sessions to suit your skill. I feel so lucky to be in most of the places. In how many spots you`ve been?!

1. Los Roques , VENEZUELA

It`s not a secret that this is one of my favourite kitesurfing spots in the world. Just look at this place. Wind is around 12 to 25knots everyday. Many islands to explore , normally you`re the only one there but If there are some other kitesurfers you can always choose the next island where you will be alone.

2. Cape Town , SOUTH AFRICA

To be honest with you - I've been to Cape Town twice and the first time I didn't like it. Maybe because I didn't have the skills or I was just cold. However, after the second year, something changed. I have never felt such a good feeling in the water as in Cape Town. Waves , kickers , food , Simply Asia , Langebaan , hicking , surfing , friends .... just everything you need in one place!

3. Barra Grande , Brazil