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My Top 9 Places for Kitesurfing

ASK 50 PEOPLE to list the world’s best kiteboarding spots and you’ll hear 50 different views. But one thing is certain: Nothing beats the pure feeling of harnessing the power of the wind to ride. For those who have caught the bug, kiteboarding becomes an obsession inspiring travel to far-flung reaches of the globe.

Check out this gallery featuring 9 of the world’s top kiteboarding destinations. Use this guide to choose a spot—then talk to locals for intel on epic sessions to suit your skill. I feel so lucky to be in most of the places. In how many spots you`ve been?!

1. Los Roques , VENEZUELA

It`s not a secret that this is one of my favourite kitesurfing spots in the world. Just look at this place. Wind is around 12 to 25knots everyday. Many islands to explore , normally you`re the only one there but If there are some other kitesurfers you can always choose the next island where you will be alone.

2. Cape Town , SOUTH AFRICA

To be honest with you - I've been to Cape Town twice and the first time I didn't like it. Maybe because I didn't have the skills or I was just cold. However, after the second year, something changed. I have never felt such a good feeling in the water as in Cape Town. Waves , kickers , food , Simply Asia , Langebaan , hicking , surfing , friends .... just everything you need in one place!

3. Barra Grande , Brazil

Best "lagoa". I first visited Brazil 4 years ago and have been to most places. This is definitely my favorite spot for kitesurfing. Small village with couple of good restaurants and posadas (hotels). Is getting more popular but you can find your place on the water. The lagoon is only 2km downind from the village and If you are tired you can always take a ride with the donkey to go back. I`ve always did the upwind and prefer to protect the animals.

4. Lencois Maranhenses , BRAZIL

Well once you have to visit Lencois Maranhenses! I know that I sayd that every place is beautiful, but here you can see for yourself. I have not seen more magical place than this one. It`s quite gusty between the dunes, but you will feel things you will not feel elsewhere. It's wild, but I think some of you are looking for just that.

5. Barbuda Island , ANTIGUA and BARBUDA

I was there in 2016 and Barbuda had a ferry service from Antigua. Activities there included kitesurfing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and caving. Years after Hurricane Luis, in August 2017, there were still only two operating resorts on the island, although plans were being made to build other resorts before Hurricane Irma. For the girls - there is a beach with pink sand abd beautiful tropical landscapes. Light Caribbean wind and romantic sunsets!

6. Gokceada Island , TURKEY

The biggest island in Turkey where you can find wild landscapes , flat spot (offshore) , wave spot (onshore) , perfect for kitesurfers and windsurfers. This is the island where my school is located and where I spend the months from May till September. Just land in Istanbul airport , rent a car for 3h , take a ferry for 1h and you`re there! Wind quite strong in the morning and perfect conditions for lessons in the afternoon. Beautiful sunset for the end of the day with cozy restaurant and Yeni Raki for cheers! Welcome!

7. Namibia

Namibia is a "secret" destination, still very little crowded. But the conditions for the kite are great!

We've all heard about this world speed record in the Namibian "Speed Strip", but we're pretty much in the experience... And yet...

The landscapes are breathtaking: the desert of Namib especially, arid and immense overlooking the sea. It is an ideal trip for backpacker or lovers of adventure and nature.

We find some infrastructure around the main spots, but do not expect to regain the ambiance of Cumbuco (Brazil) there! The most frequented kite spot (although very quiet) is located in Walvis Bay, near Swakopmund (in 30kms), 5 hours drive from the airport, and a veritable paradise of flamingos, pelicans, dolphins, whales and sea lions. It's a wilderness between desert and ocean, in short, a magical place.

8. Aitutaki , Cook Island

The farthest place from Bulgaria (haha). Maybe that's why I haven't visited yet. The season overlaps my season, but you will be able to visit it during those months - May - September.

9. Lake Hillier , Australia

When you look at a map, lakes are universally marked with a pale blue colour. But when it comes to Lake Hillier in the remote south-west of Australia, the cartographer should really reach for a pencil shaded somewhere between ‘flamingo’ and ‘fairy floss’. Just be careful for your eyes if you go there for a kite session.

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